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The No-Fault Automobile Insurance Act (MCL 500.3101) went into effect in Michigan in 1973.  
Under this Act, A person involved in an automobile accident has the right to recover benefits,
regardless of fault or whether the injured party was a driver, passenger or pedestrian.  Michigan
residents are eligible for benefits even if the accident occurred in another state.  Under the statute
"All reasonable charges incurred for reasonably necessary products, services and
accommodations for an injured person's care, recovery or rehabilitation" are allowable expenses
and payable for life.  This includes Medical Expenses, In-Home Nursing or Attendant Care,
Accommodations, Room & Board Expenses, Rehabilitation, Special Transportation, Medical
Mileage, Work Loss, Replacement Services, Guardian Expenses and Survivor Loss Benefits
including funeral expenses.  These benefits are typically paid from the injured person's own
insurance company, however, a person
may be entitled to recover benefits because of accidental
bodily injury sustained in an automobile accident through an assigned claim plan if no personal
protection insurance is applicable to the injury.  

Although some auto insurance companies may assign a case manager, each client has the right
to select their own case manager.  Generally, no-fault patients have the right to choose all of their
own providers.  The Case Manager should always have the client's best interest at heart, even
though it is the auto insurance company who pays for the service.  
What We Do:
A car accident is a scary and stressful time.  It doesn't just end with exchanging insurance
information.  If you or your loved one has been injured, there are many difficult decisions to face in the
near future.  You may have to face work loss, multiple medical visits, locating the correct doctor or
professional for your care and even trying to locate transportation if you are unable to drive due to
injury.  In some cases, you may have injuries that you are not even aware of yet.  Did you know that
brain injuries are not always diagnosed immediately?  It may take several months or more to
determine the full scope of a brain injury.  

At Medical Social Work Rehabilitation Management, our
 Case Managers collaborate fully with your
health care team.  We handle the details so that you can concentrate on your full recovery.

Case Management Functions:

  • Prevent unnecessary services or treatment.
  • Evaluate an individual's safety and ability to live independently at home.
  • Obtain appropriate medical care.
  • Secure necessary medical supplies and equipment.
  • Obtain home care nursing services.
  • Obtain assistance with homemaking and personal care needs such as bathing, dressing,
    and grooming.
  • Obtain assistance with running of errands.
  • Coordinate health care service delivery and necessary medical follow-up.
  • Arrange for transportation to and from doctor appointments.

We keep the insurance adjuster updated on your care and progress.  We maintain a relationship with
many highly trained and skilled medical professionals and companies to ensure that you receive the
best care.  

We understand the importance of family and community in your full recovery.  We work with you and
your family to ensure complete understanding of your injuries and the care needed.  
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