Has life left you feeling confused,
overwhelmed or depressed?

Life is full of problems, and sometimes things can seem out of control.  There are
times when life can seem overwhelming.  Events or life situations can cause feelings of
confusion, depression and uncertainty of how to make things better.

Most counselors deal with perfectly normal people facing problems that are affecting
their lives.  It might be problems at work, family issues, school issues or other common
life situations.  A counselor's role is not to make you feel uncomfortable or ashamed.  
Rather, it’s to help in discovering how to make changes for the better.  A counselor is
someone that leads you on the road to self-education and empowers you to make
positive changes in your life.
What we do
We offer assistance with learning how to cope with daily life.  We look for your areas of
strength and build on those areas.  We use an integrated approach to psychotherapy
which focuses not only on talking, we also facilitate awareness in the various aspects of
life by moving from talking about situations, to providing necessary tools in order to
manage current situations.

We offer
Individual Counseling sessions where each client meets with a therapist to
discuss issues in strict confidence.  
Group Counseling sessions are offered when
several client's have similar issues and feel comfortable discussing them in a group
environment.  Individuals who participate in group counseling generally begin to feel
better about themselves, feel less alone, feel support from others, and are able to help
others with similar experiences.  When appropriate, we offer
In-Home Counseling
sessions if you are unable to meet in an office setting.  
Are you or someone you know suffering
from depression?
Depression is a very real and serious health problem for many people.  Depression at
any age is a health problem that needs to be treated.

If you suspect that someone may be suffering from depression, there are a number of
signs to look for. They include:
  • Withdrawing socially, losing interest in pleasurable activities
  • Ignoring personal care and hygiene.
  • Sleep problems, perhaps difficulty falling asleep or waking repeatedly, then
    suffering from daytime sleepiness.  
  • Upset normal eating patterns. There may be a lack of interest in food and
    subsequent weight loss, or binge eating and sudden weight gain.
  • Feelings of discouragement, hopelessness or worthlessness.
  • Low energy
  • Increased anxiety
  • Feelings of guilt or constant irritability

We all have periods when we feel a little low and things aren't going quite right.
However, if you are experiencing more than one of these symptoms over an extended
period of time, it's a good sign there may be a problem that needs  treatment.
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