We provide individualized services tailored to
meet each client's needs, Including:
~  Case Management - Case management is a collaborative approach to providing and
coordinating health care services.  As case managers, we will facilitate the planning
and coordination of health care services appropriate to achieve the goal of medical
rehabilitation.  Our case manager will work with you, your family, physicians and other
health care providers to ensure you or your family member receives all the necessary
services to promote your health and oversee any illnesses or health conditions.  Our
case managers ensure that appropriate medical care is provided to disabled, ill or
injured individuals.  Our role is to advocate for you at all levels of care.   

~  Counseling - An intervention used by trained professionals to help clients in
problems of living.  This usually includes increasing individual sense of
well-being and reducing discomforting experiences.  We offer:
  • Individual Counseling sessions where each client meets with a therapist to
    discuss issues in strict confidence.  
  • Group Counseling sessions are offered when several client's have similar
    issues and feel comfortable discussing them in a group environment.  
    Individuals begin to feel better about themselves, feel less alone, feel support
    from others, and are able to help others with similar experiences.  
  • In-Home Counseling sessions are available, when appropriate, if you are
    unable to meet in an office setting.  

~  Behavioral Services - We examine and address various behavioral issues and
situations.  Often it is necessary to work on specific behaviors in the environment in
which the behaviors occur.  Therefore, we will attend school, work, home and other
settings when appropriate to train clients and caregivers on coping skills necessary to
handle stressful situations.  We also work with professionals on managing these
problematic issues.

~  Disability Adjustment -There are emotional, physical and psychological stages
clients may encounter while recovering and adjusting to a disability or injury.  We help
you navigate your way through each stage.  

~  Anxiety - When experiencing anxiety, one may have feelings of fear, apprehension or
worry.  Some clients have even reported physical symptoms and sensations that mimic
a heart attack.  

~  Addiction - Although most often associated with drug or alcohol, addiction can
encompass many things.  Addiction is the progressive abuse of something that is
repetitious and difficult or impossible to control.  We help each client examine reasons
for their compulsive behaviors and work toward ways of overcoming their addiction.  

~  Pain Management - Sometimes, clients may feel pain or the sensation of pain even
though the underlying condition or injury that originally caused the pain has been
healed.  The pain itself is frequently managed separately from the underlying condition.  
Medications will be prescribed and monitored by your physician.  We will provide a
therapeutic approach to managing pain to enable you to live your life more fully.  

~  Social Skills - We help clients learn and implement skills and behaviors that are
socially acceptable.  These skills are necessary to interact and communicate with
others on a daily basis.  These skills can be used to affect social structure and status in
the community.  

~  IEP Process Assistance - In the United States, an Individualized Education Program
(IEP) is mandated by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (
IDEA).  Public
schools are required to develop an IEP for every student with a disability who is found to
meet the federal and state requirements for special education.  The IEP must be
designed to provide the child with a Free Appropriate Public Education (
refers both to the educational program to be provided to a child with a disability and to
the written document that describes the educational program.  The IEP must include
input from the parent and any medical professional that is involved in the child's care.  
The IEP should be reviewed and updated annually.

~  Vocational Assessments - When appropriate, we will assess the client's ability to
return to work and develop an individualized work plan.  This plan will be based on prior
work history, educational level and current level of functioning to determine work
strengths and limitations.

~  Elderly / Geriatric Support -Our focus is on family, community, psychological and
medical support to promote positive health and life choices.  We explore resources
within your community, governmental agencies and collaborate with extended family
members to provide an array of care.

~  Stress Management - Individuals' reactions to situations manifest in many forms.  
Extended periods of stress can cause additional health problems.  We help you learn
effective coping mechanisms for dealing with psychological and environmental stress.  

~  Parenting Skills - Generally, parenting is defined as providing for the basic needs of
a child, the need for security and development.  The process of raising and educating a
child from birth through adulthood in today's society, is challenging by anyone's
definition.  When a parent is faced with new dilemmas of parenting a child with
disabilities it can create an additional level of stress and uncertainty that requires
professional guidance.   Our trained staff educates parents on techniques to utilize with
all children, regardless of abilities.

~  Life Skills - Life skills is a means to increasing the chance of vocational success and
the ability to build sound, harmonious relationships with self, others and the
environment; the ability to act responsibly and safely; the ability to survive under a variety
of conditions; and the ability to solve problems.   We work with clients in the following
areas:  Social Skills, Decision-Making Skills, Employability, Money Management,
Transportation, Health, Family Responsibilities, Basic Understanding of the Law and
Telephone Skills.

~  Child / Adolescent Concerns - We believe that children and adolescents have the
greatest opportunity for normal, healthy development when ties to community and family
are maintained.  This includes children and youth with compromised medical
conditions and behavioral disturbances.  Our pediatric and adolescent trained
professionals will work closely to normalize these behavioral disturbances.
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