Veterans Services
It is difficult to return home from an intensive combat environment.  It takes a lot
of understanding and patience on the home front as our troops adjust back to
their previous lives.  It is even tougher for those who sustained a TBI during
their combat tour.  Family and close friends of troops returning from combat
should understand and watch for TBI and traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
symptoms.  Diagnosis and treatment of TBI should occur as soon as possible
after the injury.  Find more information about PTSD at

Some additional resources for veterans
are listed below:

To find a veterans facility near you, please click here Veterans Administration
Va Benefits                                                                                        800-827-1000
Health Care Benefits                                                                       877-222-8387
VISN 11: PVeterans in partnership (Lower Peninsula)            734-222-4300
VISN 12:  VA Great Lakes Health Care (Upper Peninsula)      708-202-8400

MI Department of Military and Veterans Affairs                            517-335-6523

Joint Veterans Council of Michigan                                               800-455-5228

County Veteran Service Counselors                                             910-592-2862

Family Matters and Family Readiness Groups (FRGs) are a group of officers,
enlisted soldiers, civilians, and family members who volunteer to provide
mutual social support.

The National Guard Family Program is an online community to find contacts,
information on programs and benefits.


Returning from the War Zone: A Guide for Families of Military Personnel
This guide is for services members and their families. It contains information to
help military family members understand what to expect during the
reintegration following time in a war zone, and to help them adapt back to home
life with their loved one.

Homecoming After Deployment: Tips for Reunion

Children of Veterans and Adults with PTSD - This fact sheet explains the
common problems that children of veterans experience and provides
recommendations for how to cope with these difficulties.

Veteran Service Organizations:
American Legion                                  313-964-6640

American Red Cross                          202-303-5834

Am Vets                                                  301-459-9600

Catholic War Veterans                         313-471-3896

Disabled American Veterans             313-964-6595

Jewish War Veterans                           202-265-6280

Marine Corps League                           313-964-6830

Military Order of the Purple Heart        313-964-6888

Paralyzed Veterans of America            800-424-8200

Employment Resources - A comprehensive career website for hiring veterans of
America's military.

Department of Labor Vets program helps veterans maximize their job
opportunities and protect their employment rights.

Vet Success provides information about the services that the Vocational
Rehabilitation and Employment program provides to veterans with
service-connected disabilities.
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